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Public Speaking/Consulting

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Leah & her staff are available for Public Speaking on the topics of yoga, breath work, meditation, mindfulness and being present. These techniques can be powerful tools for focus and stress relief. She can also assist your organization in creating an ongoing program to benefit the participants to suit your specific goals.

Commercial work: Ad campaigns and photo shoots. Many campaigns inaccurately portray correct alignment and postures when yoga is featured. Leah can be on-site to help ensure accuracy.

Literature: Leah can help edit/tweak written literature that requires correct verbiage on these matters and can scan for correct vernacular and content.

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Private/Small Group Yoga

Our teachers works to understand the needs of their clients and will create a uniquely tailored class for individuals and small groups. We  teach a wide variety of yoga styles and work with our clients to understand and achieve their goals. Our staff are experts on working with those with injuries or special considerations. We also work with many different populations including professional athletes, children and the elderly.

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Mindfulness Training

Ongoing research is clear: stress is a public health crisis. Learning techniques to calm the nervous system and be more present and mindful can be an amazing skill to acquire and hone. Our staff will consult with you to learn your group or organization's specific needs and will tailor a program just for you. This element includes meditation, breathing work and mindfulness training.

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